Art Bell Gets a phonecall from a person claiming to be a fleeing ex-Area 51 worker. The caller makes a claim that the world is under threat of extra-dimensional beings in contact with the military and goverment. The call is quite unnerving to listen to as the caller sounds highly stressed, hysterical, and the call is eventually cut off as the whole radio show shuts down, presumably from satellite transmission problems. The Call is as follows:


A while later the caller, now named ‘Brian’, comes back to Art Bell’s show confessing his last call was a hoax. They discuss the strangeness behind the sudden transmission-loss in Brian’s last call. Brian ends his call by providing an unmistakable sample of the hysterical-voice used in his previous call :

This is important as a lot of different videos on youtube and the internet use Brian’s previous call as ‘real footage’. In compilations and etc, the clip is used.

I find it a mistake that the clip is used as it creates a feeling of hysteria that I feel is toxic.

However, even as a hoax, the calls are both very fascinating.